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Principal Barnaby Payne                                                    
Assistant Principal Caitlin Boyle, VAPA Management + AP Testing
Assistant Principal Benjamin Rombro, Student Support Services + Buildings & Grounds
Assistant Principal Monette Benitez, Instructional Support + SpEd & 504s


Main Office, Admissions, Counseling & Special Education Services

Main Office + Admissions Paulette Cauthorn                                                                    
Main Office + Student Body Funds Merrill Komai
Main Office + Attendance Emily Del Real
Outreach Coordinator Alex Jones
Counselor: 12th & College Beth Alberts
Counselor: 9th &10th Clint Calimlim
Counselor: 10th & 11th, and 504 Coordinator Carissa Jow                                    
School Psychologist Jennifer Magnesi
SDC Scot Bishop
Special Education - RSP Mark Almanza
Special Education - RSP Theresa Castillo
Special Education - RSP Mary Lucid
Special Education Leslie Lum

Wellness Center

Wellness Center Coordinator Jason Gee                                                                              
Community Health Outreach Worker D'Arius Hambrick
School Nurse Emma Covington
Wellness Center Counselor

Maria Tobo

Art Directors

Architecture+Design David Kesler                                                                                                           
Band Henry Hung
Creative Writing Heather Woodward
Dance Andrea Hinman
Guitar Scott Cmiel
Media Scott EberhardtSalome Milstead                                     
Musical Theatre Ron S. McCan
Orchestra Tristan Arnold
Piano Ava Soifer
Spoken Word Chrissy Anderson-Zavala
Technical Theatre Paul Kwapy
Technical Theatre: Costumes Annette Ribeiro
Theatre Elizabeth Carter
Visual Arts - 12th + Dept Head Don Fontowitz
Visual Arts - 11th Jeff Castleman
Visual Arts - 10th Jaime Longa
Visual Arts - 9th Casey Desilets
Vocal - Jazz & Classical Angie Doctor
World Dance Jessica Acosta  (for Joti Singh)
World Music

English Department

Scott Eberhardt AP English Literature
Don Fontowitz American Literature
Bruna Lee English 1, English 2
Salome Milstead AP English
Andrew Padlo American Literature, English/European Literature
Sara Park English 1
Erik Slayton English 2

History | Social Studies Department

Julie Coghlan AP World History, AP Psychology/ Human Geography
Austin Estrada AP Government/Political Science, AP Government/Economics
Jason Mironov AP US History, Government/Economics

Hosanna Rubio

Timothy Ruiz

World History, Social Studies

AP World History, World History


Gerry Pannone Critical Thinking/ Social Change

Math Department

Jhina Alvarado-Morse Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus                                                 
Karen Berman Geometry, Hybrid
Brian Bethel Algebra 1, Algebra 2
Andrew Jensen Algebra 2, AP Statistics
Kyle Li Geometry, Hybrid
Chase Mateusiak PreCaculus, AP Calculus
Elle Tjan Algebra, Hybrid

Science Department

Richard Ault Biology                                                                                        
Francisco Hernandez Chemistry, Physics
Galina Lipkina Chemistry
Mark Rowley  Physics
Amy Trusso AP Biology, AP Environmental Science

World Language

Martin Duncan Spanish                                                                                                 
Therese Folco Italian, Spanish
Edwin Lozada Spanish
Carolina Stankiewich Spanish


Physical Education (PE) & Health

Tristan Arnold PE 1 & Health                                                       
Andrea Hinman PE 1
Brendan McCarthy Athletics, Academy + Asawa SOTA          

Support Staff

Micah Melton Librarian                                                   
Cynthia Webb Security
Keith Smith
Latonya Brooks Security
Rob Michel Security
Sierra Laiafa Security
Mei Mei Custodial


SSC Chair TBD                                                                                                                  
PTSA President Heidi Alletzhauser
"Friends Of" President Angie Doctor
African America PAC Linda Parker Pennington & Pamela Tate Rodgers
Latino PAC Timoteo Vasquez & Angelica Guerrero
Inclusive Practices PAC Julia Martin
Multicultural PAC Dr. Aaminah Norris
Student Gov Student Gov Page
Clubs Student Club Page