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Student Clubs

Interested in joining one of the many club at our school?

Please reach out to Ms.Park to find out more!

2018-2019 Clubs

Anime-tion Raise awareness of anime as an art and dissolve some negative stereotypes, and watch other animation forms.


Artists Outdoors Allow students to get outdoors. Learn outdoor skills and how to become leaders through outdoor adventures.

BSU Create a safe and empowering environment for black students and allies.
California Scholarship Foundation (CSF) Provide tutoring for students at Asawa SOTA across multiple subjects. Fundraise and participate in service projects to give back to community.
Chess Club  Play casual chess at lunch. Create opportunities for students to learn about chess, and hone their skills against many fellow players.
Club of Nerdism Connect people with similar interests and create a community.
Coffee Cart Club  Learn about running a small business, money management and saving money.
Dungeons and Dragons Club Increase teamwork, storytelling, and recreation for students
Environmental Club Reduce our school's negative environmental impact and promote an environmental culture among the student body!
FIDM Fashion Club  Gather all lovers of fashion in one place! (Sponsored by FIDM).
Frisbee Club Play frisbee, have fun, and make friendships.
GSA Provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ Youth and allies.
Jew Crew  Engage in conversation about the Jewish religion/culture in order to provoke thought and consider its applications to society as well as daily life.
Mock Trial Compete against other school mock trials and learn how to write and deliver arguments within debtes.
Model UN Conduct 2 full length Model UN Sessions.
Movie Club Provide a break from hectic student life with relaxing movies, tv shows, and food.
NAMI Provide learning and understanding of mental illnesses and get rid of the negative stigma surrounding them and call on allies to help those with illnesses.
Ruth Asawa SOTA Newspaper  Deliver a bi-weekly school newspaper for all Asawa SOTA students and staff.
SOTA Anatomy Club Providing an educational environment for students to perform lab dissections per proper protocol.
SOTA Cyberdragons (Team 557)  Give students programming, CAD, shop and mechanical design experience.
SOTA Red Cross Volunteer and alleviate human suffering in the face of disasters and emergencies and make a positive change in the community we live in.
Surf & Boogie Board Club  Discuss "how good the surf is" and plan weekend trips.
The Leadership Lunch Analyze and attempt to solve some of the main racial, sexual, and identity based harrassment issues on our campus.
Umlaüt Editorial Board  Organize and publish a multimedia journal representing all art departments at Asawa SOTA