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Do You Noodle?

Noodle Tools is a great computer resource for researching and writing reports, essays, and other papers & projects. It helps you formulate a Research Question, take Notes, create an Outline, write the paper, and finally, create a Bibliography. You can use one or more of these features for your projects & assignments. Once you create a project, you can Collaborate with others online (great for group projects!)

To log into Noodle Tools:

1. Log in with user name and default password: "noodletools"
(Teachers, use "t" account
2. Go to My Account at top right.
3. Edit and save profile
a. Change password
b. Optional: add email
c. Enter two initials
d. Enter last 4 digits of phone number
e. Enter Google account:

For students, use an "s" account
example: for John Smith, use

Stay tuned for Noodle Tools trainings from the Library.

Faculty Page

Totally RAD
(Research Articulation Document)

Most of the faculty who responded to the Library Interest Survey last fall expressed an interest in learning how to integrate research into their classroom curricula.
A group of SFUSD Teacher Librarians has just finished drafting a Research Articulation Document (RAD) for use by Teacher Librarians and ELA Teachers. This versatile document articulates the research component of the Common Core standards across the curriculum, and is appropriate for all disciplines and levels. Please take a look at the RAD Google Doc through the link above, and start implementing research strategies in your classes right away, in collaboration with your school's Teacher Librarian, Mr. Melton.

Library Databases Slideshow

Take a look at this slideshow highlighting the databases available to SFUSD teachers via the School Library Pages and on the Destiny homepage. Please encourage your students to use these sites for their research projects and papers.

Databases Slideshow

NOTE: Use the following login information:
Username: sotaacad
Password: sotaacadlib
for these databases:
Britannica Online
Annals of American HIstory
Facts on File American History
Facts on File Modern World History
Facts on File Science Online
Ferguson's Career Guidance

For current events and issues, use
SIRS Issues Researcher
Username: sotaacad
Password: sotaaaslib



Teachers Using their Noodles

On the morning of March 4th, five teachers from both SOTA and the Academy, and the school librarian met for a hands-on mini-workshop on Noodle Tools, given by Library Media Content Specialist Michelle Powers. They learned how to create a teacher account and dropbox, create a student account, create and share a project, and create citations for various types of sources. They also got an introduction to using notecards and creating outlines with the program. They are now integrating Noodle Tools into class projects and research papers. If you want to learn more about Noodle Tools, ask one of the workshop attendees:

Claire Darby (AAS-Social Studies/English)
Salome Milstead (SOTA-English/Media Arts)
Andy Padlo (SOTA-English/Russian)
Aliya Trump (SOTA-English)
Heather Woodward (SOTA-Creative Writing)

If you would like more information about Noodle Tools, please let Mr. Melton know.

Library Work Calendar

calendar-january-2015 copy.gif

Click below for a live look at the Library Work Calendar. Check to see if there is availability for class visits and meetings (Please email Mr. Melton at to reserve a spot.)

Library Work Calendar

Faculty FAQs: LibGuides

1. What is a LibGuide?

A LibGuide is a resource-rich web page, custom made for teacher assignments. Its purpose is to direct students to resources that will help them complete an assignment. It can include databases, links to related web sources, book and publication suggestions, videos, feedback surveys, and other useful information.

2. How do I access a LibGuide?

Currently, LibGuides are linked to the Library page on School Loop, and also on the Library Home Page (Destiny) under "Class Projects."

3. Can I have a LibGuide made for my class assignment?

Ask the librarian to create a LibGuide for your upcoming class assignment (suggested lead time: 3-5 working days). Click the links in the Class Projects box for examples.

Here are some recent LibGuides created for SOTA Faculty:

Industrial Revolution (Schlax)

Leonardo Da Vinci (Folco)

Venetian Artists (Folco)